The 8 Types of Female Orgasms!

If you want to be an amazing lover and give the woman you want so much pleasure that she’s unable to think of another man, then pay close attention. I’m about to share the 8 different types of female orgasms with you so you know every way to give your woman addicting pleasure.

As you know, men typically have one type of orgasm. A man will thrust away, ejaculate, lose his erection, and fall asleep. Pretty much the same routine every time. It’s a mistake to think this applies to women. In fact, women can have over 8 different types of orgasms. Wow!

What women are expecting during lockdown sex?

Being a woman, I always wanted to have an intellectual as my life partner. I always dreamt of sitting and discussing social problems, international and national economic policies, good and bad aspects of different religions, politics etc. sipping a big cup of coffee with my life partner!

Later I realized that even my body needs a fierce lover who can worship & explore my sensual parts and arouse me to the new peaks every time and give me an ecstatic orgasm every now and then.

I’m going to describe these types of orgasm in order, from the mildest type of orgasm to the most powerfully intense and pleasurable orgasm possible that causes her to become addicted to sex with you and gives you total sexual control over her.

All types of orgasms that you can give her are great. After all, variety is the spice of life, and your sex life. But there’s a special way that you can give her an orgasm unlike anything she’s experienced before—the most body-rocking, intense, explosive feeling that she can experience.

8 types of female orgasms

Orgasm Basics!

Before we get to the 8 types of orgasms (including the most intense, which most women haven’t even experienced because men don’t know the secret of giving it) let’s go over some female orgasm basics.

Several surveys have indicated that only 25% of women always climax during sex, compared to 90% of men. What gives?

Women achieve, and experience orgasm quite differently than men do. While most men have no problem having an orgasm every time they have sex, it’s not so easy for women. That’s because most guys don’t understand how to satisfy them.!

There are certain things you absolutely need to know if you’re going to make her cum and cum again, making you THE man she desires.

Understanding Female Anatomy

To understand the types of orgasms and get your partner to the most intense orgasm she’s ever experienced, time and time again, you must understand the mechanics of the female body.

There are some key differences between female and male orgasms that most men sadly just don’t get. By simply understanding these differences, you’re already way ahead of the game—and exactly what she’s been waiting for her entire life.

For one thing, female orgasms last longer. Women experience orgasms lasting about 20 seconds (men’s orgasms only last six). So, hers last three times as long.

Another key difference is that women can have more orgasms than men. Women are wired to have one climax after another if stimulated properly.

Women are also capable of having multiple types of orgasms, as well as “blended” orgasms that combine two or more. This is one of the best sensations you can give a woman.

Did you know that according to research conducted by the American Sociological Review, women are 9 percent more likely to orgasm if they receive oral sex? So, brush up your oral skills.

Few words about Foreplay

Foreplay in general is one of the most important parts of satisfying a woman. 2 in 5 women cum only in foreplay and not in the penetrative sex that follows. So, relax and take your time before you get to the main event. This will also really help you get to know her body and what she likes.

And on that note, when you get to sex, make sure you don’t get too into it, too fast—or you’ll be finished before she is. Studies indicate that only half of all woman can orgasm when the sex lasts 10 minutes or less. So slow down your stroke and remember—ladies first.

You can also use chemistry to your advantage to give the woman in your life a great climax. Oxytocin, known as the love hormone, gives both members of the couple more intense orgasms. You produce oxytocin together naturally when you cuddle, hug, or share other loving gestures. Affectionate touches lead to better sex.


Lubricant will also help make her orgasms more intense. One survey found that 50 percent of people found it easier to orgasm with lube—so don’t be afraid to slather it in. Holding back is a surprising but amazing effective way to give the woman in your life an amazing orgasm (or two, or three, or four…). We’ll come back to this one later.

Here’s a surprising statistic for you:

In one study, 80% of women surveyed had an orgasm during sex when the researchers gave them socks, compared to 50% without sex. That doesn’t mean you have to ask your girlfriend to keep her socks on—but it does mean that a pleasant environment is essential for a woman to cum. If the room is too cold, for example, it’s going to be much harder for her to have an orgasm.

It’s also necessary that she feels comfortable during sex. The parts of the brain that make her feel anxiety, fear, and danger stop firing sparks during orgasm. But that means she can’t feel wound up if she’s ever going to get there. That’s just one more reason to take your time with foreplay.

One that you also probably never thought of is to tell her how good the sex feels. 90% of women say they get turned on when a man pants or grunts in bed. But it works even better if you use your words and tell her how hot she is or telling her “do that more” or “I love how that feels.” Showing that you’re into her ups her arousal and makes it easier for her to have an orgasm.

Now that you have a better idea about how and why women achieve great orgasms, I’m going to share the 8 types of orgasm with you, so you can start ! Ready to start?

The 8 Types of Orgasms!

Read on to discover the 8 different types of orgasms a woman can experience, from the least to the most intense, and how to give them to her.

The Clitoral Orgasm

The first type of women’s orgasm is the “clitoral orgasm.” This is the female orgasm go-to and comes from stimulating her clitoris.

The clitoris is tiny (about the size of a pea) but it has 8,000 nerve endings in it—four times as many as on the man’s penile head. It’s one of the most sensitive areas of the female body, so stimulating this spot is a very easy way to make her cum.

Although it’s not as intense as some other types of orgasm, it’s a great way to warm her up and get her begging for you to finish her off and satisfy her with another type of orgasm.

Women can have a clitoral orgasm without any kind of penetration at all. You can give the woman in your life a clitoral orgasm through oral sex or with your fingers! Not all women have the same amount of sensitivity in their clitoris, so the intensity or ability to orgasm may vary, but this is a good, dependable spot to start with.

Some women prefer a light touch, some like a firmer touch, and some like it when you change it up. Her moans will give you a good idea if you’re on the right track, or if you need to go softer or harder.

An important thing to note about the clitoral orgasm is that the clitoris is incredibly sensitive, which can mean a lot of pleasure—or a lot of not-so-pleasant sensations. Take your time before you attack her clitoris directly. Stroke her clit very gently with your finger or tongue and listen for her response.

Almost all woman loves a nice oral warm-up, so flex your tongue muscles and get down there. The lubrication from your saliva also helps her cum.

To give her an unforgettable clitoral orgasm when you’re going down on her, lie perpendicular to her and go in for it like that for the best angle. Make sure to take cues from her about the speed, intensity, and pressure she likes.

You can also use your fingers to give her a clitoral orgasm. Try using two fingers in a circular motion, changing up the speed and intensity. These should be big circles that touch the shaft, labia, and upper part of the clitoral hood. This is great as foreplay or during sex.

If you’re both into props, you can also try a fingertip vibrator.

There are also plenty of sex positions that target the clitoris—mostly when she’s on top, like in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl.

I recommend this type of orgasm to get her geared up and ready for penetration.

Deep Spot Orgasm

The second type of orgasm is the “deep-spot orgasm.” This is an orgasm you give to a woman before you begin intercourse, usually with your fingers. It’s the easiest type of “internal” orgasm to give to a woman, and most women have them more easily than an orgasm from penetrative sex.

Women love this type of orgasm, but only because it makes later, stronger orgasms much more pleasurable. It gives a deep penetrative feeling—for some women, it’s almost like the sensation of anal sex.

A woman’s “deep spot” is located on the deepest back wall of the vagina, right before the cervix. Try using two fingers or your hand in “come hither” motions inside of her, almost like you’re gently carving out her vaginal wall. Alternate between long and short strokes to really get her worked up.

This kind of orgasm does take time to achieve. She needs to be completely aroused before you can reach the nerve that leads to a “deep spot” orgasm.

Keep in mind that all women like it when you touch their cervix. Be observant and make sure you’re communicating with your partner, as always, to see what kind of stimulation she likes best.

The G-spot Orgasm

Third is the “g-spot orgasm.” This is the first type of orgasm we’ve covered that can produce a full body sensation in a woman. It’s much more powerful than the other types we’ve talked about, but it can be tricky to get her used to this type of stimulation.

Of course, before you can reach your destination you have to know how to get there. The elusive g-spot is located 2-3 inches inside the vagina. It has a different texture than the rest of the vagina—it feels spongy and coarser than the other tissue. Use one or two fingers (lubricant will help) to feel up the front of her vaginal wall about a finger length or two.

The physical process of sexual arousal in this part of the vagina is quite like a man. The tissue around the urethra becomes “erect,” almost like a female hardon. If you’ve found that, congrats! That’s the g-spot.!

Now that you’ve found your target, you can go in for the bull’s eye. Try using your fingers in a rhythmic pushing or circular motion—friction is key. Sex positions where you enter her from the back are also great for reaching this leg-shaking spot.

This one takes time and patients, as much as 20-25 minutes to build to a peak. But that build-up adds to that exhilarating, explosive moment. The muscles in her lower stomach and pelvis will contract and her other muscles will probably twitch as well (hence the leg shaking). Be jealous!

Vaginal Orgasm

The fourth type of orgasm you can give a woman is the “vaginal orgasm.” This is an orgasm that a lot of women have difficulty with. It’s caused by straight penetrative intercourse, and it takes more stamina on your part but it’s far more intense than a “normal” clitoral orgasm.

Stats indicate that only about 25% of women have this type of orgasm. But it can be worth the time and trouble, as the waves of pleasure start from deeper in the body and can feel more fulfilling.

Rhythmic thrusting is the best way to give a woman a vaginal orgasm. It takes most women at least 15 minutes achieve this orgasm and can take as long as 20-25 minutes. Once she does get there, the contractions will feel very strong around your penis—a nice feeling for you.

This kind of orgasm begins in the vagina and tends to spread to the pelvis, lower stomach, and further. Some women describe it as a feeling of pressure that slowly grows, builds, and then explodes from deep inside.

Giving her an intense, rippling vaginal orgasm is more likely the longer the sex lasts. So, it’s on you not to give out to soon! Try switching sex positions at least once or twice during sex. That will help increase your stamina, and will also give her new, fresh sensations each time. A warming lubricant can also be helpful and pleasurable.

A good sex position to try is lying side-to-side facing each other.

Once you get the angle down and penetrate her like this, she’ll feel your penis rubbing against the front wall of her vagina, giving her deep, g-spot stimulating thrusts for an out-of-this-world vaginal orgasm.

Another one to try this take on missionary:

Penetrate her from a little higher up so that your hips are aligned and you’re deeply penetrating her from slightly above. Your penis will be inside her except for the base, which will be up against her clitoris. That way when you thrust you’ll be grinding against her pelvic bone and really stimulating both her clitoris and the deep nerve endings in her vaginal canal.

Tip: make sure your partner is very aroused before beginning sex to bring her to a vaginal orgasm. Don’t skimp on the foreplay—massaging, licking, kissing, and stimulating all her erogenous zones will help her get to this deep and intense orgasm. !

Multiple orgasm

Fifth are “multiple orgasms.” This is when you make a woman cum again right after she came for a first time.

While it’s great to make a woman orgasm multiple times during one roll in the hay, multiple orgasms are defined by orgasms that follow one right after another. Women love when you give her these because, so few men can do it, and it’s so pleasurable that once you master these any woman will think of you as very good in bed.

“Moregasming” is a tricky thing. It’s all about timing: the right amount of waiting time before you begin stimulating her again.

The best tip for giving a woman multiple orgasms is not to change the area you’re focusing on, but to switch up your method. For example, if you just gave her a clitoral orgasm orally, continue stimulating her clit with your tongue or fingers—but change the pressure and the kind of stroke you’re using.

If you just gave her a g-spot orgasm with your hand, give her a rest for 30 seconds or so and then go in again, slowly and then building up the speed of your stroke. This is the key to getting down that delicate process of arousal, peak, release, and then beginning all over again.

For some women, the sensitivity may be so much that it’s almost painful for you to continue stimulating the same area. So, take a break. Take a detour from her vagina and explore the rest of her body—mouth, fingers, breasts.

That will keep her body on high alert while the most sensitive regions have time to gear back up again. Another tip is to really draw out the foreplay. Basically, you want your partner to feel as relaxed as possible. That’s the only way she’ll be in a state where her body is capable of multiple orgasms.

Remember that women, unlike men, are built to cum again and again. So, don’t think anything is over once she’s has one “oh God” moment. Since women don’t need a refractory period the way men do (the time it takes you to build up again before it’s physically possible for you to cum again), you can get her to moan repeatedly if you know how to push her buttons.

A lot of this has to do with changing your state of mind.

A lot of times both men and women “switch off” for a while after they’ve had their first orgasm before they get ready for round two. So you should let your partner know that you want to take your time and try and make this a multi-dimensional experience for her. You won’t hear her complain!

(See the “g-spot orgasm” for help. For a lot of women, the g-spot is the best pathway to multiple orgasms. That’s because it’s so strong and resilient, so it can take a lot of stimulation. Another pro tip is to start with a clitoral orgasm, and then go on to her Gspot, either with your hands or with sex positions like reverse cowgirl or doggie style that really hit that sweet spot.)

Forced Orgasm

The sixth type of orgasm is the “forced orgasm.” This is “multiple orgasms” taken to the next level, where once she starts cumming you keep going and force her to orgasm uncontrollably over and over again.

The secret is this: women are more likely to have more orgasms if you stimulate several body parts at once. That’s because she never knows quite what to expect—so her body will respond that much more when it’s aroused.

The secret to the forced orgasm is to start before you start. Confused? All that means is really getting her going before you actually start having intercourse. Start the process of arousal almost to the point where she is cumming in foreplay. You’re going to bring her to the edge of her peak—and then bring her back down again.

It sounds almost cruel—but both men and women love it!

That’s because building up and building back down again makes the orgasm more intense. For men, it leads to a more forceful orgasm. For women, it gives them the ability to have once orgasm after another without any control whatsoever.

So how do you get her to this state of abandon? Start by giving her a clitoral climax manually or orally during foreplay. Keep stimulating her clitoral slowly for about 30 seconds to “cool down” her erogenous zone—then continue at a normal pace.

From there, enter her and begin having sex, using the same technique of slowing down and then speeding back up again. If her clitoris is too sensitive to handle it, switch your focus to her breasts or nipples and apply the same principles before beginning intercourse.

You can also try focusing on the g-spot, once you’ve found it, which triggers forced orgasms in some women.

The ability to give a woman forced orgasms is very rare indeed, but once you really understand how her body works, you can get her to cum over and over again like a magician with a magic wand.

Anal Orgasm

Seventh is the “anal orgasm,” which comes from stimulation of the anus, either by direct penetration or with a finger.

This can be a new experience with a lot of women and when you awaken her desire for this type of orgasm, she will begin to crave it over almost any other. Women who have experienced this say that it “hits spot they never knew existed.” This kind of orgasm is becoming more and more common as women explores anal sex.

More and more couples than ever are enjoying anal play and anal sex. There are thousands of nerve endings along the female anus, leading to the pudendal nerve and pelvic nerve. You can only get to those supersensitive pleasure spots by penetrating deep in the anus—the same way you stimulate the clitoris, g-spot, and cervix.

Some women swear by anal orgasms and say they’re the best type to have! Double (or triple) the fun by stimulating her clitoris and vagina during anal sex. Wow!! She’ll be begging you to relive the experience.

A good tip is to start with some anal play, using a finger to start stimulating the nerves in the anus. You might find that she goes crazy for it and didn’t even expect it

If you’re ready to try anal sex, it’s essential to go slow and make sure your partner is comfortable. It may help to have her control the penetration and thrusting, since this can be painful for women.

Have her do the pushing and control the speed, especially if it’s her first time. Have her lower down on tip of you, centimeter by centimeter, to really drive you both crazy and build up to a mind-blowing anal orgasm. Don’t forget to use plenty of lube before attempting!

Some women can only experience this type of orgasm. On the other hand, some studies indicate that women who have anal sex regularly have more orgasms in general than women who don’t…maybe because they’re more relaxed and open with their partners.

(Tip: accompany this kind of orgasm with a clitoral orgasm for a truly unforgettable “blended” orgasm for her.)

Squirting Orgasm

Finally, this next one is the most powerful type of orgasm a woman can possibly have. This is the “squirting orgasm.” The squirting orgasm is the most powerful orgasm possible for a woman. If you can make her have one you gain total sexual power and control over her, and she becomes helplessly addicted to sex with you.

Also called the “gushing orgasm,” “wet orgasm,” or, quite simply, female ejaculation, the squirting orgasm takes the woman to a new level of almost out-of-body pleasure.

[Squirt does not necessarily mean liquid gushes like shower. There are many women who feel squirting orgasm, but liquid doesn’t gush]

The strange thing about this orgasm is that while it’s connected to the g-spot orgasm, it also stimulates a certain nerve that most women have the natural urge to repress. They may at first feel hesitant about “letting go,” but once you get them to push past that they arrive at a new level of ecstasy.

Making a woman have a squirting orgasm gives you a deep, intimate bond. The feeling of euphoria she gets from it makes other orgasms pale in comparison. It comes from ancient Tantric techniques that most men are ignorant of.

Why are squirting orgasms so powerful?

Imagine if you got right up to the edge of an orgasm and didn’t cum— how frustrating would that be? That’s how a woman feels every time she doesn’t have a squirting orgasm.

The squirting orgasm is the most powerful, intense and satisfying orgasm possible for a woman. Not even one in one thousand men knows how to give women intense, squirting orgasms. If you know how to do it, she will be addicted to you forever as the only man who can truly deeply satisfy her.

Most women fantasize about a man that can give them all types of orgasms, but a squirting orgasm is truly the pinnacle of her fantasies.

If you want to learn a simple, foolproof technique that gives any woman a squirting orgasm like you’re pushing a button, click the link below now.

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