Brittany Wong Putnam is is a senior reporter covering a variety of lifestyle topics at HuffPost. She is a graduate of UCLA and a native Angeleno.

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On HuffPost she regularly writes about open relationship, love, feminism and other lifestyle topics.

This website is primarily for women who have an open and healthy view towards sex. We believe that healthy happy people are usually well balanced and in harmony in all areas of their lives, including their sex life.

Why Love making tips for women only?

Most of the sex and romance tips are meant to fulfill men’s fantasy and extremely pornographic in nature. Hence we have decided to create content aimed at women only. Of course, we cannot control who reads this site. That’s not in our kitty.

In some religion female pleasure is a forbidden topic. Pleasure is only for men and women are only sex dolls and a reproductive commodity. You see, in women’s body there is a special stuff in your vagina called clitoris. It has has no practical purpose in human reproduction.

It is only meant for female pleasure. Hence, we can conclude that god’s will for women to enjoy sex as much as men if not more!

Dominate your man!

Be healthy & hygienic, always flirt, romance to the fullest and enjoy great sex!

Whatever your age or your sex life experience we hope that these Savvy Sex Tips provides something for you. Whether its hard facts or a light read, we hope you enjoy the site and invite you to contact us with any feedback.