A Sleepyhead’s Guide To Choosing Pajamas

Pajamas come in sets, so you can buy a top and a matching bottom. However, there are also retailers that offer only either the top or the bottom as singles. That should give you a lot of choices on what to wear and which ones to mix and match. There’s a wide variety of styles to choose from, ranging from the conventional to the sexy to the ultra-hip.


Pajamas are made from many different materials, although the most popular ones are those made from cotton, flannel, fleece, satin and silk. You can also find materials that are a combination of both natural and synthetic fibers. Choose the type of fabric that will be comfortable enough to keep you warm and give you a good night’s sleep.


When it comes to pajamas, women have the upper hand because they can wear any style, regardless of whether it’s designed for females or for males. When it comes to buying pajamas, be careful about picking the right size. Pajamas should fit loosely to give the wear enough room to move and twist anyway they like, so make sure about picking a size that is either just right or a little loose.


White is still in and many people still prefer the neat and pure look that white pajamas have, but there are so many choices in color that you just can’t be stuck with just one or a few earth tones. Pajamas now come in every conceivable color from the smoothest and tamest pastels to the regular solid block colors to muted tones to the more outlandish bright hues.

If you think your dream time can use a little adventure, go for the brightly colored ones, especially those with the wackiest designs. An advantage of pajamas is that they let you go crazy without breaking a fashion statement. Sure, there are a few that you might later on prefer to keep hidden in your closet until they disintegrate, but when there are so many possibilities on what to wear to bed, who’s stopping you from making your choice?

Buying pajamas for infants and toddlers:

We trust pajamas to keep our babies warm in the night, especially those who have a tendency to kick off their blankets in their sleep. If your child is the type who often keeps his blankets all bunched up at the foot of the bed by morning, pajamas are a great choice for comfort, warmth and yes, style.

Cotton remains a top favorite fabric for pajamas because it’s light and breathable. Many of the more recently manufactured pajamas are also super soft and cozy, capable of providing enough insulation to keep you warm and are porous enough to keep you cool. That makes them perfect even for summer nights.

If you prefer to keep your baby toasty warm, get fleece or flannel pajamas. Not only are they cuddly soft, they are also quite durable, able to withstand hundreds of washings. As for brands, there are literally hundreds to choose from, such as old favorites like Land’s End, Old Navy, Gap and several others.

A Strange Affinity For My Winter Boots

The winter boots that I am in love with are tan and chunky. They also have huge treaded soles that make them look like work boots. I can walk right through deep puddles if I am wearing my special winter boots with the huge soles.

It feels as though I have the ability to walk on water. Wearing my winter boots adds two whole inches to my height as well as keeps my feet warm and dry. They’re attractive and look cute when worn with a pair of jeans.

I’m always tempted to wear my winter boots in the summer when it’s raining, even though I know that by the end of the day my feet will be miserable and hot. I know that my feet will be happy for those first few hours after I put them on. I will also be happy when I look down and see them at the bottom of my jeans.

Strangely, I have a similar desire to wear inappropriate footwear in the winter as well. I can suddenly change my mind and not care so much about my boots. Suddenly, all I want in the world is to be able to wear sandals again.

I especially adore flip flops because it’s like walking around barefoot. The feeling that I am walking around in bare feet covered only by flip flops is the only feeling that I love more than actually walking around in my bare feet.

I had never liked a pair of winter boots I owned before last winter. In the past, my boots were purely functional and I owned them only for emergency situations. I only wore them when I have to walk through and stand in snow up to my calf just to clear my car off so I could get it out of the driveway. I am looking forward to snow because I know that it means a chance to wear my fashionable winter boots again.