A Look at Fat Burners and Weight Loss Pills

This is probably an off topic to discuss on this blog. I normally write about human relationship and sexuality. I’m not an expert to write on health topics including weight loss supplements and diet pills.

My first impression about diet pills is that, most of them don’t work at all. If they work, then can cause some unwanted side effects like dizziness, stomach upset, and anal leakage etc!

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There are variety of variety of diet pills with exaggerated weight loss including 7-day tummy trim. These pills are often called as fat burner, appetite controller, fat binder, detox supplements, carb blockers, anabolic pills etc. Now let’s quickly get into the sweet details.

Fat Burners

They don’t magically burn your tummy fat. Instead it artificially inflates heart beat and causes thermogenic effects. Fat burners are one of the most dangerous forms of diet pills. You might have heard about ‘Hydroxycut’.

Yeah, original Hydroxycut had lots of ephedra and caffeine as stimulant to make it work. The company sold more than 1 million bottles every year until it got banned by the US. FDA. Phen375 is one of the supplements which appears to be good substitute.

Appetite Controllers

It is a neurological supplement which blocks the ‘hunger signal’ to your brain. Which means you get fake energy boost, there by encourages you to eat less. This unnatural calorie reduction may aid weight loss.

You might have heard about ‘Phentermine HCL’ which was approved by FDA in 1950’s as a short-term treatment for morbid obesity. Phentermine is still legal in many countries including USA as a prescription only anti-obesity drug. PhenQ seems to be the natural alternative.

Fat Binders

If you eat ‘fatty meal’ then fat binders may be good option for you. Fat binders, as the name suggests, blocks absorption of fat by your body. Generally, fat contains maximum calories.

Xenical was the first approved fat binder which contains a drug named ‘Orlistat’. Lower dose Orlistat is available as an OTC supplement in the name of Alli. You can buy Alli from vitamin shops or Amazon. Proactol XS seems to be the better alternative with mild side effects

Fasting Pills

Not eating anything is the best ways to lose weight. Recently, intermittent fasting has gained lots of popularity. Fasting supplements helps you to fast for many hours by suppressing hunger.

You might have heard about Adipex diet pill. Adipex contains Phentermine HCL, so in theory it is an appetite controller and there is no approved fating diet pills. FenFast 375 seems to be the popular fasting diet pills

Anabolic supplements

Strange things can become fat burner too! Anabolic supplements help you breath more oxygen by dilating lungs. Anabolic supplements are popular among body builder and sportsman.

Clenbuterol HCL is a drug which was initially approved for the treatment of asthma in horses as a bronchodilator. Soon body builders started taking it enhance their gym performance. Since Clenbuterol is an illegal and banned drug Clenbutrol by CrazyBulks seems to  be the popular alternative.

Detox Pills

The theory behind detox and weight loss is astonishing. You can ‘weigh less’ by expelling excess water. Body retains excess water if you eat lots of crap with high sodium. It is also known that, colon cleansing can reduce bloated belly.

Regular detox and colon cleansing are essential for good health. However, it cannot be termed as an effective weight loss remedy. DetoxPlus seems to be a popular supplement. Read about benefits of .

Hormone Balance Pills

Stress, anxiety and depression can make you fatter due to hormonal changes. When it comes to weight gain Leptin and Insulin plays vital rose. Leptin resistance is on of strongest reason for weight gain in women.

Insulin resistance is the reason for weight gain in most men and some women. There are some prescription drugs to reverse insulin and leptin resistance. However, Leptiburn seems to the popular alternative.

Lose weight without pills

Unless you fall under ‘morbid obese’ category you can lose weight significant weight though lifestyle changes alone. Let me give you some simple lifestyle changes advice.

Engage in lots of outdoor activities like this one
  1. Drink plenty of water through out the day. Often body confuses dehydration for hunger and makes you eat unnecessary. Therefore, drink plenty of water.
  2. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables before eating your regular meal. These complex sources of calories are slow to digest and makes you feel fuller for longer
  3. Engage in lots of physical activities like swimming, cycling or jogging etc. It is not necessary that you subscribe to a gym membership to lose weight
  4. Have lots of sex! Yay, my favorite tips to be fit and healthy. I know, it is not the most practical tip, but sex plays an important role in physiological and psychological health

Should you go for diet pills?

If you think that you have tried everything, and nothing works, then you can go for it. Diet pills are okay for short term usage (not more than 2-3 months usage) Please note that pills can cause side effects, however being a fatty has more side effects and can fatal.

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