Kissing Technique to Please a Man

Kissing Techniques: Slow, long, luxurious, deep. Sensuous, loving, passionate, warm. Small, light wispy, cute. Wet, wetter, sloppy, drool!

Have you ever really stopped to think why some people can totally blow you away with a truly incredible kiss and yet others are just so awkward and wrong? Is a great kiss the result of two parties with the same kissing techniques? Or are you only as good a kisser as the person kissing you back?

Ultimately, a truly wonderful kiss is like a sensuous dance. The lips, tongue, depth and speed must all be in synch and moving together, like a flawless couple shashaying effortlessly across the dance floor. If you’re not blown away by the person you’re kissing, thent take the time to get it right if it doesn’t happen naturally at first.

Tips on Kissing

Wait for the right moment to present itself. A build up of sexual tension is electrifying but leaning in at the wrong time or catching someone unawares will only lead to a very awkward, uncomfortable moment.

Set the tone for the whole kissing experience. Start small with gentle little kisses to the lips. Incorporate gentle touch, whether holding hands, or the back of the head, or the face. The eyes, cheeks and hair are all erogenous zones and will respond strongly to loving kisses.

Run your tongue along the bottom lip or the inside of the upper lip. This is sensuous but can tickle. Explore the bottom lip by gently and slowly kissing this lip only with the both of yours then changing to the top lip. You can even tease a little bit here. When your partner is expecting the next kiss pause, then go in with a sensual kiss that was worth the wait.

Gradually begin to explore with your tongue. Get in sync and find the same rhythm as your partner. Use your tongue when your partner does and go back to kissing without the tongue when they do. Follow the rhythm and soon you will both be in a sensuous flow.

  • Tug ever so slightly on the bottom lip and pull it towards you before letting it go and going in for another full sensuous kiss. Switch between sweet and sexy.
  • Change things up and be creative. Most people seem to tilt their heads and kiss to their right. Go a little crazy and try the left side for something different.

A great kiss is often a good indication that it’s going to be great sex. Not just because you have the same kissing techniques but having a compatible kiss generally means you are in sync with each other, meaning you are likely to be more in sync during sex as well.

Kissing Dont’s

  1. Don’t get over excited, rush in and thrash about.
  2. No biting! Lips are sensitive and will bleed without the correct care.
  3. A good kiss is well lubricated but not dripping wet. If it feels that it’s getting this way, pull back and have a breather.
  4. Don’t tense your lips just naturally let it happen. Remember soft lips equal soft kisses.
  5. Bad breath, heavy breathing and frothing at the mouth mean you are kissing a dog, not a gentleman!

That’s all about true kissing (lip to lip). Kissing his penis or getting your breast or vagina getting kissed is a different story. With mutual trust, love and respect you can even go for anal kissing.