Let Your Love Treasure Hunt This Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day is to show your love and to rekindle and reconnect the hidden spirit of love.  Take this chance to impress your love, so that the impact stays for the rest of the year.

To surprise your love on the day, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. All you need is to put in some time and effort. You can pretend like you have forgotten to even wish them so that they will keep thinking about you all day, start longing for your presence around them. Prepare some handmade creative cards with a valentine symbols on it.

A few smaller and cute gifts make a better impression than one big present. Before making future arrangements see that you are keeping them out of their sight. You can hide each gift in different spots of your home.

Place the first card somewhere it is easy to spot to begin the game. Each card should contain a love poem and a lead to next spot where there is a card and a gift. Write your own poems or you may even use your favorite work of others. Last card must direct them to you. You must hide in a perfect spot to host your valentine’s day. You hold the worthy gift than what you have purchased for them.

Let Distant Not be an Enemy in Love

As we all know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it falls on busy working day this year. If you’re apart from your partner away for work or studies, don’t worry here are few ways to celebrate it. [see if your woman deserves tantra yoni massage]

Today’s developed technologies pays way for many facilities. On the day spend some time to have an online chat or a phone conversation. You both will really be excited with those butterflies on your stomach. You may even share recent pictures taken together or alone. Talk about awesome time you both spent together. Tell them how nice it would have been if you both were together. Say that you are very glad to have them in your life.

Apart from this do few more to surprise them.  You can order flower service to have flowers delivered to his/her home or work place. Send a parcel package of special valentine gift with your love note on it. Send multiple love texts to both phone and mail. Talk in prior and wear same color of dress on the day.

Send a hand written love note as it conveys deep heartfelt feelings than any other texts.  Write a love song romantically highlighting their presence around you, time spent together and include a message of thanking them to have you as a part of their life. If you are good at singing, you may even record it in a CD in your own voice and send them.

Romantic Spot You Can Choose to Spend This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  So many will be cracking their head to choose the perfect spot to take their loved ones and celebrate the super romantic day. Place of hosting your valentine’s day is very significant in adding romantic effect if you love travelling.

Here are top 7 romantic destinations to set the mood right:

  • Taj Mahal: classic romantic destination in Delhi Agra. It is a traditional paradise garden in Islamic style. Early morning timing is a perfect time for the eve.
  • Paris France: city with architectural richness to celebrate the blissful occasion of love and romance. Bridges and parks of the place offer proposal opportunities.
  • Cape Town: romantic city of South Africa with lovely sceneries, vibrant with mixture of various cultures. City has many rocky outcrops to facilitate privacy.
  • Udaipur: white colored city of Rajasthan India. There are so many romantic options like sunset palace, palace hotels and boat cuisine to island in lake.
  • Angel of the North: February 14th is the birthday of angel of the north. Thus it is the special original spot to propose your love.
  • Holy Island: one of voted romantic spot couples could love to spend together. Watching a sunset holding hands together in holy island is perfect to declare your love.
  • Langkawi: forested hills, white sand beach with crystal clear blue water is romantic enough to gathers couples attention.