Should I Use a Lubricant During Intercourse?

Why some women don’t enjoy sex despite having good libido? That’s because of painful intercourse due to lack of natural lubricant. The reason why this happens is because her partner has not spent enough time on foreplay so that she can be properly aroused.

Ok, so if that is the case, then simply spend more time on foreplay right? By doing this, a woman should be able to naturally produce enough lubricant to enjoy sex to its fullest.

Foreplay is the best lubricant for women!

As simple as it seems, there are a few factors you need to consider;

First of all, whether we like it or not, today’s busy lifestyle makes it very difficult for couples to put sufficient time aside for quality lovemaking. So, even if the intention is there, things don’t always work out to the perfect plan sex experts recommend.

Most couples are too busy, too tired, or too preoccupied with other priorities to ensure that enough foreplay has been introduced into a lovemaking session. When you look at the realistic side of the whole ordeal, you can better understand why lubes should also play an important part in any couple’s sex life. It ensures that no matter what circumstances you or your partner faces, both of you are still able to enjoy intercourse to its fullest.

Now don’t get me wrong; I am still a strong believer in foreplay. No matter how busy one’s life is, there should always be a way to properly prioritize things so that there is enough time to have great sex! That being said, I would still highly recommend you use lubes, whether you are having great quality sex or not. It will ensure that you and your woman will get the best out of your lovemaking sessions without the unnecessary discomfort can arise through friction.

Bottom line: Use lubes as a supplement, and be generous with it. However, never believe that lubes are a substitute for foreplay, get it?

So, which Lubes are the best to use then?

Well, with so many varieties to choose from, where the heck does one start?

Lubes can be put into 3 group types:

  • Water Based Lubes
  • Oil Based Lubes
  • Silicone Based Lubes

Water based lubes are the most popular, and rightfully so. The reason for this is because unlike oil based lubes, they don’t break apart or tear, thus ensuring that you and your partner are able to practice safe sex without worry.

In addition, water based lubes don’t stain sheets or cloths either, and it is very easy to wash it off once you are done having fun. With oil based lubes, is totally the opposite; they will easily stain your sheets and cloths, and you will have a hard time washing it off.

Now, if you are looking to add a little spice in your life, and would like to have sex in the water, such as under a shower or in the bath tub, then you are better off using silicone lubes. Silicone lubes won’t cause a condom to break apart, yet it does not wash off as easily as water based lubes. This makes it a good candidate when it comes to having sex in the water. Silicone based lubes are also ideal for people that have allergies to glycerin.

Strong man doing erotic massage to his girlfriend

Coconut oil is indeed an edible product which can be used in bedroom for great fun. Infact you can enjoy plenty of things with coconut oil. Being a food supplement, it is absolutely safe for all forms of sex (oral, vaginal and anal) You can also use it for full body massage. For some people it takes time to get adjusted to the sweet aroma of coconut oil.

Guys, if you truly want to give your woman the best experience in bed, invest in a good quality lube that suites your needs. It really does make a difference, and will most definitely be a great help to take away all the unnecessary frustration that can creep into your lovemaking sessions.