Sex and Pregnancy- 20 Must Know Facts

Do you have a ‘bun in the oven’? You don’t need to close the bakery’s doors. Keep these 20 facts in mind for safe and pleasurable sex during pregnancy.

1) The first three months of pregnancy is not always fun. You are tired, nauseous and your hormones are all over the place. Sex is the last thing on your mind. Give your body a chance to process the changes before you and hubby hit the sack again.

2) Men find their women’s new curves irresistible, so don’t be surprised when hubby struggles to keep his hands off you!

3) Your breasts are more sensitive. For some women, it is a huge turn-on, but other’s feel it is more sore than nice. Warn your partner to work softly with the ‘twins’.

4) The blood flow to your vagina increases and you may find that it is easier to get an orgasm. Vaginal dryness may however occur, so keep a lubricant that is water-based nearby.

5) A bit of bleeding after sex is normal – it is as a result of the damage to harmless growths that sometimes occur during pregnancy in the vaginal canal. If you however bleed heavily and experience pain and contractions for longer than 30 minutes, contact your doctor immediately.

Your new curves will make him crave for you!

6) Sexually transmitted diseases or an infection can be harmful to your baby and may even cause premature labour. If you suspect that your partner has something like this, get immediate medical treatment.
At 28 weeks the milk production hormone, prolactin kicks in. That’s good news for your baby, but bad news for your sex drive, because prolactin lowers your libido.

7) You may even ‘taste’ different during oral sex. It is pregnancy hormone’s fault. Chances are good that hubby doesn’t even realise it. But if he were to find it unpleasant, let him eat a peppermint beforehand.
Your partner mustn’t blow into your vagina at all – it’s not good for you or the baby. Otherwise, oral sex is completely safe.

8) In the last few weeks of pregnancy, sexual stimulation may cause your breasts to leak. It is natural and nothing to worry about.

9) Hubby’s sex drive may suddenly decrease. That isn’t because he finds you unattractive, but usually out of concern or fear for you and the baby’s health. Visit your house doctor or gynaecologist to discuss both of your fears from the beginning. It doesn’t mean that his testo has dropped or libido is dead.

10) After an orgasm, you may find that the baby is dead quiet or goes bonkers in your tummy. This is as a result of the harmless contractions of your uterus. Some babies find it a comfort while it stimulates others.

11) The missionary position becomes difficult as soon as your baby bump is no longer that small. Try sex positions that allow you to be on top or that keeps hubby’s weight away from your uterus.

12) Your sex drive may range. One evening you will feel like a five-times-in-a-row sex god and on another evening you may pull your granny pyjamas out of the cupboard and hope hubby doesn’t notice you.

13) If you have had a miscarriage before or experienced placenta problems previously, first find out from your doctor if it is safe to have sex during pregnancy.

14) Sex toys may still be used, provided that they are clean and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. However, it is advised to stay away from them

Women on top is one of the safe sex position

15) Now is not the time to inject new life into your sex life. Allow hubby to explore your new curves by washing your entire body in the shower or blindfold him during foreplay.

16) It is possible to have sex until your water breaks – provided that it is a low-risk pregnancy. Read about all the contraceptive here

17) You are however advised to take it easy during the final weeks of pregnancy seeing that sperm cells can stimulate contractions.

18) Approach your sexual situation with humour. Rather make jokes about your tummy that is in the way as opposed to being grumpy and embarrassed over your appearance. Your pregnancy is just temporary – make the most of this unique opportunity.