8 Ways to Give New Sizzles to Your Boring Love Life

After having learn’t the basic fact on how to reactivate your love and sex life before it reaches a point of either physical or emotional break-up, there is the need to consider the topic on a broader view. Here are 8 ways to add sizzles to your relationship.

Firstly, you have to understand togetherness is a language of love. That is what is largely missing. This does not mean you are living separately, but that you have become emotionally separated from your spouse.

Everything now looks a routine to be done daily. Nothing moves again. The excitement has gone low beyond normal. Those feelings of love that you used to show in acts have greatly subsided. The starting point is that you must take up a new orientation that honeymoon‘ is never an once-in-a-lifetime experience that is supposed to consummate a wedding ceremony.

Rather, you and your spouse should seek to carry it over into your married life by always seeking occasions whereby both of you will set aside all cares and concerns, that is, your busy schedules, and then go forth to re-create the old-time act of honeymoon. Restore your honeymoon from the recycle bin!

Develop the habit of going on vacations for honeymoon too! Your spouse needs your attention. Bridge the communication gap you have unconsciously allowed through your busy-ness.

Some wonderful things you are supposed to do during your honeymoon vacations are as follow.

  1. attraction98Evaluate the state of health of your marriage relationship.
  2. Review your mutual goals and values.
  3. Take note of necessary areas of adjustments in business, finance, attitude, beliefs which can promote unity and love.
  4. Forgive each other of hurts, misgivings and mistakes that have been made over time in your relationship.
  5. Renew your marriage commitment or vow. Re-solemnize, so to say, the wedding bond.
  6. Perform a two-character love opera with songs and tango; or recite love poems to each other.
  7. Visit places of interest such as parks, museums, etc. You may go on a travelling adventure to other state or country.
  8. As much as possible, solace each other with good sexual love. Try new sex techniques. Do in variety of places other than the bedroom.

The essence of all these things is to address the emotional separation that has been built up. Honeymoon experience should be repetitive in the married life. Honeymoon vacation should be regular, at least once in a month, which could be done over a weekend. This will help to keep the love.

How to Reactivate Your Love and Sex Life Fast Before a Collapse

When couples start out, they would often feel a great instinct and drive to be together. The first few years, most especially the first year, would witness a high level of romance and sex. As time passes by, the intensity of that love declines.

It is then that many begin to wonder what has gone wrong with the relationship. It will appear that the mutual interest is lost. There are a number of reasons why such a thing occurs.

For instance, the kids want some bucks from papa. In addition to a good life of romance and sex, the woman wants some bucks for home-keeping. Unconsciously, many men have little time to commit to their relationship.

As a matter of fact, your relationship needs a lot of attention more than your job. You have to renew the passion with which you started that romantic love of the early days; that old-time unfathomable attraction and admiration which created in you, the drive or desire to be with your spouse in an affectionate way.

Is not possible to re-kindle that love which was that heart-felt impulse of the emotions which made you to seek the attention of your dear one over and over again? There used to be a longing to see him/her, hear from him/her, talk to him/her or hold him/her because of the physical and emotional attraction.

Really, it is difficult to unravel this mystery: it cannot be accurately defined. These human tendencies can only be described in terms of its effects on our thoughts, feelings, utterance and attitude.


Next time, when your spouse says, “I love you”, you should appreciate and compliment him/her in response. True love is not superficial: it goes deep.

What are the values you once shared with your spouse in the beginning? Identify those simple acts of kindness you used to show and start all over again.

At the beginning, I guess, these are some of the things you loved to do as a way to show your interest to each other.

You often:

  • exchanged romantic poems and letters.
  •  sent greeting cards to your spouse.
  •  sent romantic text messages.
  •  showered pleasant compliments on your spouse when he/she does something good.
  •  would always tell him/her how much you appreciated his/her person.
  •  motivated your partner for spiritual, intellectual, academic, and emotional growth and improvement of his/her personality.
  • were very romantic with all those kisses , hugs, and caress.
  • always wanted to do things together.
  • rayed together if you are the religious type.
  • wanted to read together and share knowledge from books you have read.
  • attended social or religious functions together.
  • went for dinners or shopping together.
  • visited tourist centres together.
  • used body signs to drive your spouse crazy for sexual love!

In fact, the list of those things that made you fond of each other is endless. Today, your emotions have gone flat. Your mind is distracted. Other things have taken a very large portion of your heart. Those pretty things no more appeal to you. What has gone wrong now? Don’t you believe that you can restore that passion?

I want to say that you need to set your priority right. Make up your mind to go back to those acts. Start with a vacation to re-enact Honeymoon experience in the woods! I recommend you get more valuable tips from Rachael Ray, a National Relationship Expert, onHow to Reactivate Your Love Life.