Flirting Tips For Shy Girls

Flirting can be fun, cheeky, innocent, or completely gratuitous! These flirting tips for girls will show you how to invite interaction, break the ice and seal the deal.

Eye Contact Flirting

Eye contact is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start a flirting flutter. Especially when you use the tried and tested flirting never fail, the ‘Glance and Look Down’. This combination look sends a very clear message of; I’m interested, come hither and fast! Look for a guy you fancy scanning the room waiting to see something he likes, make eye contact then hold his gaze with a mischievous smile. Look down but not away, then glance up again clearly showing your intention. It won’t be long before you reel him in and he makes a beeline straight to you.

Eye contact is quite the seductive flirting tool, but don’t underestimate its power. If you get too good at this and unintentionally shoot provocative looks around left, right and centre, you may unwittingly invite over every Tom, Dick and Harry!

Be Cheeky

If you are naturally cheeky or a little mischievous then use this to your advantage. Take the ‘Glance and Look Down’ a step further, and give him a playful wink and brazen smile. Who wouldn’t be attracted to a beautiful woman playfully inviting him over?

Flirting Tips For Shy Girls

If you are so painfully shy you would rather stick ice picks in your eye than make eye contact, avoid all the hard work and let them come to you. Being shy doesn’t have to mean you are invisible, so wear something that makes you look great and is going to get you noticed. Men’s eyes are like heat seeking missiles searching for tight fitting clothes and available skin. So tap in to his primeval being, flash a bit of flesh and watch him come to you.

Strike Up A Random Conversation

Be bold! You don’t have to be the extroverted life of every party to strike up a random discussion. If someone catches your eye, try a cheeky side flirt by starting an innocent conversation about something you obviously both have in common. Like the drink you’re drinking, or a sports team you’re watching. Even if you decide that you actually prefer a friendly chat to a flirtatious one, meeting new people is fun, good for the soul and great practice for when you do want it to progress in to a bona fide flirt. Excellent flirting tips for girls!

Give Compliments

If he’s come over to talk to you, or you’re trying to think of something clever as an opening line, then throw in a shameless compliment. Who doesn’t want to hear that they look good? Break the ice by commenting on something he’s wearing, like ‘Great Tie’, or ‘I love Your Watch’. Entice him with a smile and engage in some friendly banter. Chances are if you make him laugh and throw in some playful innuendo he’s going to want to stick around to hear more.

Be Clear And Concise

Although it might be as clear as day to you that you’re interested, sometimes men need plenty of concise simple messages to confirm they’re in. Your guy may be just as shy and uncertain as you and questioning himself if you are really interested. Seal the deal by using open body language such as pointing your body towards him, or standing into his body to talk in his ear. Or up the ante by adding light body touching.

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Flirting Tips For Girls – Don’ts

If you’re out for a night with a mission to meet someone, don’t make it harder on yourself than you have to by burying yourself deep in the pack of your girlfriend’s. If you have trouble just maintaining eye contact imagine how hard it is for some men to penetrate the protective layer surrounding you. Give yourself a chance by standing where you can be seen, mingling or innocently merge in with the group of guys standing next to you.

If you’ve flirted up a storm but upon turning your back for a few seconds only to find him chatting up another girl, move on. As insulting as it may be, it’s really not worth worrying about. Find someone else who is worth your time.

Don’t be too cool for school. Playing hard to get is one thing but you can miss out on some great experiences and fun by not letting go and having a laugh with someone just because they don’t tick all of your usual boxes.

If someone doesn’t’ get your sense of humour, move on. Good looks can be important but your pairing however long it may last, will be incredibly dull if you’re not on the same wave- length

These flirting tips for girls apply to any women in life. Have fun, be yourself and enjoy the flirting ride.

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